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Golden Tiger's Eye - Tumbled Gemstones

Golden Tiger's Eye - Tumbled Gemstones

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Use the drop-down to select either 1 count, 5 counts, 1/4 LB, 1/2 LB or 1 LB of Golden Tiger's Eye stones!

• These stones are all natural in color and have been tumbled polished. The photos are representative of the Tiger's Eye stones you will receive.

• The average size of these crystal gemstones is 0.5" to 1" inches.
• There are approximately 95 - 100 stones in 1 LB.

• The average size of these crystal gemstones is 1.0" to 1.5" inches.
• There are approximately 26 - 30 stones in 1 LB.

**Please note that stone counts are all approximate. You will receive stones based on the weight or quantity ordered.

Please note that metaphysical properties associated with our products are meant for informational purposes only and are not intended as a substitute for professional treatment or licensed medical care. We will not be liable or responsible whatsoever for any adverse effects, consequences, loss or damage of any type resulting, directly or indirectly, from the use or application of any materials from our shop.

average size: Small: "0.5 - 1.0" inch, Medium: 1" - 1.5" inches

color: Golden Brown / Yellow

origin: South Africa

chakra: Solar Plexus

how it's formed

Tiger's Eye is formed naturally over time by the earth's activities. It is a pseudomorph of Quartz and the Crocodolite mineral. The Quartz takes over the Crocodolite, leaving the attractive banding and contrasting colors.

where it's found

Our Tiger's Eye was originally mined in South Africa, which is also the major mining region for tiger's eye.

special information

Tiger's Eye is a powerful stone with many metaphysical properties. Tiger's Eye is known to aid harmony and create balance.

In some cultures, Tiger's Eye is thought of to ward off the evil eye.

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