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Naturally Sourced

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No Dyes or Wax

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Protective Packaging


Upcycled Materials

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Free Returns

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Brighten up your tumbles!

Rock Hounding?

Fill the extra space in your tumbling barrels with some or our premium rock picks!

Rough Rocks
  • Sourced with Care

    We have a close relationship with our partners to ensure our rocks are natural and free of paraffin wax, glue, or additives. It is important to us that your rocks are true to picture and label.

  • Handled with Care

    We sort our rocks by hand to make sure your order is consistent in size with fewer cracks, breaks, or discolorations. While we celebrate rocks of all shapes it is important to us that your purchase matches your listing expectations.

  • Packaged with Care

    We enclose your rocks in 4mm thick, resealable bags and individually wrap each part with upcycled materials to reduce movement, dust, and breakage on its journey to you.

  • Here to Help

    If you reach out to us you can expect a human response from a member of our team within 24 hrs. It is important to us that you are happy with your R&T purchases, so don't forget we offer a 30 day refund and return option to all customers.

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