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Gray Botswana Agate | Tumbling Rough Rocks from South Africa | Raw Crystals

Gray Botswana Agate | Tumbling Rough Rocks from South Africa | Raw Crystals

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Use the drop-down menu to select either 1/2 Pound, 1 Pound, 3 Pounds, 5 pounds, or 11 pounds of rough Gray Botswana Agates! The photos are representative of the stones you will receive and are shown wet and dry to give you a better idea of the color and how the rocks will look pre-polished and post-polished.

the brief

Botswana agate, which originates in Africa, is a classic rock tumbling material known for sharply contrasting black, grey, and white banding. Occasionally, colors of purple, orange, brown, pink, and yellow can be found as well, although the latter colors are rare. Prized for taking a great mirror shine when polished, this also a highly preferred tumbling material due to its variety of patterns and colors that can be exposed from the tumbling process, including the opportunity for rare and unusual color combinations. Thus, it is a favored tumbling material for beginners and veteran tumblers alike. On rare occasions, botswana agates can also produce shadow-banding effects!

average size: 1 - 2.5 inches

ease of tumbling: Beginner

hardness: 7

shine after polish: Mirror

how it's formed

Botswana agate is formed naturally over time by the earth's activities. The agates are formed during ancient lava flows when liquid magma settled into fault lines. When the liquid magma cooled, silica acid transformed from a liquid gas to a solid material. The thin layers of silica acid create the fine banding found in agates.

where it's found

Botswana agate was mined in large quantities in the 1970s, however, due to recent restrictions on the export of rough gemstone materials leaving Africa, this classic tumbling material has become harder to find.

how it tumbles

We personally never tire of tumbling this material because each stone is highly unique from the next one, we find ourselves constantly searching to the next "perfect" botswana agate.

See our detailed tumbling guide here.

how it looks after tumbling

We're pretty happy with how these turned out! As you can see, each agate is so individual and unique. The colors and banding on each agate speak for themselves! Note that these polished stones are not included in the purchase of rough rock.  

special information

Botswana agate is a powerful stone with many metaphysical properties. Botswana agate has a quiet energy that is known to be soothing and comforting. This stone is also useful for meditation.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Larry Thomas
Botzwana Gray Agates

I bought 3 lbs and am anxious to tumble and cut into cabs. Very beautiful stones. Will definitely buy more items here.


I am looking forward to tumbling/polishing these stones, I love agates and am glad the seller has already run them through step one a little bit, it gives a nice sense of how they might turn out. This will be my first batch of Botswana agates and am looking forward to seeing how they turn out, probably in a month. So far my favorite agates are the Mexican lace, I am looking forward to compare these with them. Thank you very much.

Stephen Kaiser

Beautiful rocks! I will definitely order from them again.

Shawn Nicholson

Great product and packaging was safe and secure. Awesome Little Rocks with a lot going on inside and out.

Sam Hobbs

Quality items with prompt shipping