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Amethyst crystals are a purple variety of quartz that occurs naturally in clusters, points, or in the form of raw crystals. Amethyst has been cherished throughout history and thought to contain protective and sobering properties. To this day many consider Amethyst to be a stone that with abilities to reduce anxiety and improve communication.

The Story Behind Amethyst Crystals

Amethyst is one of the world’s beautiful and storied variety of gemstones that has been coveted throughout millennia of human history. A form of quartz famous for its deep purple hues, the name Amethyst is derived from the Greek world amethustos, meaning “not drunk.” Throughout ancient history, people have believed amethyst contains properties that inhibit intoxication and encourages sobriety. Ancient Greeks wore amethyst and carved drinking cups with inlays of amethyst under the belief that it would prevent intoxication. Medieval European soldiers wore amethyst amulets into battle for protection, believing that the crystal would have the power to heal them and keep them composed during battle. Tibetans would make prayer beads out of amethyst, considering the crystal to be sacred to Buddha.

The origin stories of amethyst goes as far back as ancient Greek mythology. One story tells of Dionysus, the god of wine, who was in a fit of rage having been insulted by a mortal. Dionysus then swore to slay the next mortal to cross his path. The unfortunate soul turned out to be a beautiful young woman by the name of Amethystos, who was on her way to the temple of Artemis to pay tribute. Before Dionysus could strike her down, Amethystos prayed to Artemes for promotion, who answered her prayers by transforming the maiden into a statue of pure crystalline quartz to protect her. Amethystos was now beyond the reach of Dionysus’ wrath, who upon further reflection, quickly regretted his brutality. Dionysus then shed tears of wine in remorse and poured wine over the statue as an offering, dyeing the crystals purple.  

Amethyst Crystal Properties

Today crystal healing practitioners use amethyst for a variety of useful properties, including its ability to promote calm, insightfulness and cooperativeness. Amethyst is known to have the following properties:

*Mitigates stress and anxieties

*Enhances intuition and inner sight

*Supports sobriety

*Helps with insomnia and promotes restful sleep

*Facilities communication and helps with collaboration with others

*Enhances connections with the spiritual realm

Please note that this information is not a substitute for consulting health care professionals. All information provided on this site is for informational purposes only. Please see your doctor before starting any alternative treatments, diets, supplements, or exercise programs.


Metaphysical Properties of Amethyst

Amethyst makes for beautiful stone for jewelry as well as home décor. Furthermore, if placed in certain rooms, amethyst is said to have beneficial metaphysical properties as well. If placed in the family room, amethyst’s can potentially improve family bonding and improve communication between family members. An amethyst in the bathroom or bedroom where one spends the most time resting can help reduce stress and anxiety and promote a restful night’s sleep. Placing amethyst in one’s workplace can also reduce stress and help with collaboration between office associates.


To best meditate with the help of amethyst, go to a calm and quiet environment that is free from potential disturbances. Amethyst crystals can facilitate sending positive energy and vibes into the universe. Meditate with an amethyst in the palm of one hand while taking deep breaths with your eyes closed and imagine absorbing the soothing energies of the crystal. Imagine the energy of the crystal imbuing your spirit with confidence and protective energies.


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